Here at Complete Drain Care, we have had plenty of experience with unblocking drains and gulleys, doing repairs and completing CCTV drain surveys for clients locally and further afield. As such, we have seen various sorts of issues and causes to these problems. Search Drain Unblocking Surrey as we will undoubtedly have seen any issues our clients have and we can complete anything they need to be fixed in the blink of an eye.
This likewise implies we have the experience to offer our clients advice and guidance against any further issues. This information and advice comes from previous knowledge accumulated from our work of drain clearing, repairs and CCTV surveys. Paying heed to those ‘in the know’ may spare you a lot of issues with your drains later on!
On the off chance that you have been having issues with your property’s drainage system and you need us to do a quick check for you, get in touch with us today. Our company can be at your property quickly to carry out an inspection and highlight any potential issues.

Advice on Food, Fats and Grease from Professional Drain Inspection Services

The main recommendation we will consistently provide for our clients is to be cautious with your property’s food disposal, just as dirt, soap suds and hair from your bathroom can cause an issue. Fats and oil will most certainly cause a problem. When doing numerous CCTV drain surveys it is clear that whilst water will flow away, the eventually solidified fats and oils will most certainly stay behind. For any of your drainage needs, always rely on Drainage Surrey. Our advice on getting rid of your fats and oils is to empty these into bottles or containers and discard with your normal household rubbish.
Although these issues may start off as small, over time the blockages build up. Subsequently, sewage begins to back up towards the property causing problems for both your property and you.