Start by Locating the Broken Pipe

The initial step to fixing any collapsed pipe is finding it. You should begin by digging a hole into the ground to discover the area where the drainpipe is broken. In case you’re uncertain where this is, it’s useful to search for any outward signs of harm, for example, wet patches, additional green grass, or sinkholes. After you have dug down and found the collapsed pipe, Drain Unblocking Surrey, dig an extra six inches beneath the collapsed area. This will give you a lot of room to make your fix.

Cut Away the Pipe to Eliminate the Broken Area

To fix the damaged pipe, you must cut out the broken area. To do this, measure two inches either side of the broken section and imprint the channel with the goal that you can cut precisely. Contingent upon what material your drainpipe is made of, you may need to use special cutting devices.

Measure and Cut a New Piece of Drainpipe

Identify the length required and cut the new pipe to the required length also being aware of the diameter of the pipe bearing in mind most domestic properties require a 4-inch pipe.

Fit the flexible elastic couplings to the current channel closes, setting the new piece of PVC pipe in place and afterward sliding the adaptable couplings over to cover the new segment. If you do this accurately the pipe will be completely fixed.

Re-fill the Hole to Provide Support

To offer additional support to your drain pipes pour fine gravel underneath and around the new installed pipe.
While it is possible to fix your damaged pipes, yourself you can frequently do more harm than good – especially in case you’re not a drainage expert. So, we would strongly suggest you contact our drainage experts. We have a team of fully trained and experienced Drain Unblocking in Whyteleafe to manage all your drainage issues.