Toilets are a necessity in any home, and they need to work properly for the homeowner’s sanity. If you have a toilet that is not flushing, then this article is going to be just what you need! We will discuss 3 reasons why your toilet won’t flush and how to fix it.

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Reason #1 of Toilet Blockage

Your toilet may not be flushing because it is clogged. If you notice that your toilet has a weak flush and the water levels in the bowl are higher than usual, you may be experiencing a blockage. This can be triggered by many reasons, such as flushing too much toilet paper at once and flushing unsuitable items such as sanitary products, baby wipes, or nappies which will all contribute to a blocked toilet. The simplest and cheapest way to confront a blockage is to use a plunger. Many times this way will do the work. However, the main issue with using a plunger is that it may push your blockage further up the pipe. There are many ways to fix this, but the easiest way is simply to plunge or use a toilet auger tool and clear out the blockage. If your plunger doesn’t seem effective enough, try using an auger tool instead.

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Reason #2 of Toilet Blockage

Toilets can also stop working if there isn’t any water in them at all! First, check that you have a water supply by checking for leaks and then find out why your tank will no longer hold water by inspecting the inside of it with a flashlight (this might require removing some parts). Finally, pour more water into the tank until full and see if this solves the problem. Our drain service is only a call away.

Reason #3 of Toilet Blockage

It could just be that the chain is causing your toilet to not flush. If this is the case, you can simply replace it with a longer one or cut off excess chain until the chain reaches its desired length, and then see if this stops your problem!

We hope these three steps will help solve why your toilet won’t flush for good! Remember to always turn the water supply back on after changing out parts in order to avoid problems when flushing! If you are in need of drain cleaning services in Bromley Sussex, Crawley, or Surrey or need to unblock your toilet, call us.

Solution for Unblock a Toilet

If the blockage is still there, you need to immediately call a professional to resolve this issue. Here come Complete Drain Care experts to call at your place. We will unblock your toilet and resolve the problems that cause a blocked toilet. We offer 24/7 drainage support, where our skilled technicians always use the latest and advanced cleaning equipment to remove every sort of blockage efficiently and provide a long-lasting solution.