Before you reach for that drain cleaner, however, you should know that there are advantages to bringing in an expert like Drain Unblocking Surrey. Here are the reasons you should You Hire Complete Drain Care for Blocked Drains:

 Home remedies can not clean the most difficult clauses

Some people swear by them, but most home remedies to remove clogs simply do not work. A lot of clauses are harder than they initially appear. Here are some common home Drainage Surrey cleaning strategies and their drawbacks:

Hot water and dish soap

The problem here is that PVC pipes are often not made to handle boiling water. In fact, PVC and glue at joints near sink nets can be damaged by temperatures above 140 degrees. This means that you need to heat the water effectively – but not too much – and then expect it to retain enough heat for the time it takes until the trapped oil is back to the liquid again. Deliver it. This is a long shot, and the remedy also assumes that there is an oil problem.

Baking soda and vinegar

Again, this home remedy calls for boiling water that is poured first, which is not recommended for homes with PVC piping. A combination of baking soda and vinegar can clean mild, weak clogs, but it is not really likely to be deep, strong.

Store-bought chemicals do not always work

Visit your local hardware store, and you will find a variety of Drain Unblocking Surrey cleaners available. Many people decide to use these chemicals at their homes  instead of bringing in a professional plumber, but there are drawbacks:

Ineffective: Many of these Drainage Surrey cleaning chemicals are not powerful enough to clean a stubborn clog present in your pipes. Even when they break through the clogs, they rarely clean it completely, which sets the stage for future clogs in the near future.

Safety: If you are going to use these chemical drain Unblocking Surrey cleaners, then you need to clean the area around the drain. Wear protective eyelashes and plastic gloves – which cover your wrist. Make sure that you dispose of the plastic bottle properly to suit hazardous waste disposal in your area.

For these reasons, our professionals only use chemicals as a last resort to eliminate clogs. In most cases, we can clean the clog by a plunger, our snake tools or other non-chemical methods.

 Closed drains may indicate other problems

A clogged sink, shower, or toilet drain may be just the tip of the cosmic iceberg. Your home may experience the onset of a sewer line clog. Some warning signs of blocked sewer lines include: All the drains in your house are closed simultaneously. The least physically drains in the home – typically, the bathtub or shower drain – are backed up.

 When you hire a professional for drain cleaning, you get access to their expertise, drain-safe equipment, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your Drainage Surrey was successfully cleaned.