“My Dishwasher not draining” this is one of the most common calls we receive. The dishwasher fix is not that difficult but yes, if it is not draining properly then you have to call a professional. Before calling an expert, you can do something like troubleshooting your dishwasher with the following steps.

Clean Garbage from Disposal Area

Chances are there that the disposal unit holds waste or if food slush goes to the bottom of the drainpipe below the disposal, it can stop the dishwasher from emptying appropriately. Try to clear this area as sometimes just running the disposal help dishwasher draining flawlessly. Make your habit to clean it properly on a regular basis. This will clear all leftover food that might stay in the P-trap drain under the disposal.

Make Sure Air Gap of your Sink is not Blocked

At the point when a dishwasher hose interfaces with a sink without waste disposal, an air hole—a little, opened chamber is installed on the top point of the sink, directly by the spigot. A little hose from the air hole associates with the dishwasher’s channel hose. This goes about as a vent to forestall a sealed area from shaping in the channel hose, however periodically, the air hole can get obstructed with garbage. To examine, bend the air hole counterclockwise to eliminate it, and check it for gunk. Clean the air hole with water and a hardened brush, supplant it and run the dishwasher cycle once more.

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Clean Standing Water

If the disposal process doesn’t help, then it’s the right time to drain the water to have a clear look at possible causes. Place absorptive towels around the bottom of the dishwasher and then remove the bottom dish tray by sliding it out. Now it’s time to use a plastic cup to lift the dirty water and transfer it into a container for disposal. When the water level is low, use towels to absorb the last bit of water in the bottom of the machine.

Clean up Dishwashing Liquid

Modern dishwashers are specifically designed to be operated with automatic dishwasher detergents. They clean dishes without producing soapsuds. During a difficult day, it’s possible to accidentally squeeze regular dishwashing liquid into the dishwasher, which can create enough soapsuds and can stop proper draining. The problem could happen if the automatic dishwasher detergent is not available and you are using laundry detergent as a substitute. Now just clear the tub as described above, and run the process again.

All this process might look difficult to you, if that’s the case, call a pro. You should call Complete Drain Care for any sort of blockage issue in your drainage or sink system.