A blocked drain is a very common concern for home and business owners however you can prevent or stop the blockage with some early preventive measures before you have to call the professionals. Want to know the tips that can be implemented to unclog blocked drains in Surrey? Let’s get started with these top tips.

1. Drain Cleaner

A blocked sink or shower at home or business premises can be easily remedied by purchasing a drain cleaner and these can be found in your local DIY store or supermarket. However, if the sink or shower is draining slowly then baking soda and vinegar can be the right cleaning solution for you. Sometimes, the non-chemical approach works just as well as the drain cleaners but permanent solutions can only be provided by drainage experts.

2. Plunger

If the combinations of baking soda with vinegar or drain cleaners don’t work well for your blocked drain then you can reach for the plunger. This procedure requires some effort and practise but will surely help you unclog the blocked drain and flush all the wastewater away.

3. Snaking

Using tools like drain snake can be highly-effective in dislodging a blocked drain. Do you know what a drain snake is? This is a small plastic/metal tool that will be inserted into the drain and when it encounters a blockage it will chip away at the blockage until the blockage is cleared.

4. Switch to a drainage engineer

Obviously, a blocked drain can be a very frustrating situation and an immediate solution is needed. Usually, a blockage occurs due to the accumulation of dirt but sometimes the reason can be flushing foreign objects down your drains. You can save money by learning some of the tricks of how to clear a blocked drain. But if the situation is worse or you just don’t have time, then calling the right person for the job is essential. Here, you can call a drainage expert who possesses the skills and equipment to deal with such blockages. Give us a call at Complete Drain Care where our trained engineers can analyse the blockage and clear even the most stubborn drainage problems efficiently.